lil wayne

  • My Elementary Schoolers Are Terrific Music Critics

    "It sounds like rockstars playing New Orleans style. It sounds like everybody is running away from something. It sounds different. Like people dancing. Good music with rockstars taking over the planet with weird hair. Music everywhere. It’s real fast...

  • The Karmic Concepts of Tech N9ne

    Tech N9ne is one of the most powerful independent artists on the planet. He is the king of misanthropic, Midwestern hip-hop. I got on the phone with him to discuss his friendship with Lil Wayne and karmic camaraderie among rap moguls.

  • Hip-Hop Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Repackaged

    Skateboarding ruined hip-hop, and Lil Wayne sucks, but at least we have our CDs and cassettes from the 90s to drown our sorrows.

  • Obseshes ≠ Endorsements

    So when I say I’m obseshed with the just announced mini Black Flag re-re-reunion, I mean that I am interested in the way that an academic is interested when a Google Alert pops up about something tangentially related to his research but isn’t like...

  • 2012: A Year in Hip-Hop - Sorry It's Not a List

    Hip-hop in 2012 was defined by a series of ups and downs, but for the most part it was pretty… weird. For one, what the hell is the definition of hip-hop these days anyway? Is it singing, is it rapping, is it that sing-songy rap shit that Drake does...

  • Lil Wayne Stood Me Up

    My drunken search for Weezy F. Baby at the Audio Xciter App Launch Party.