Why Does Everything in Tech Feel Like a Scam?

Dogecoin inventor Jackson Palmer sits down to explain why everything online right now feels like someone is trying to get one over on you.
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The future is here, if you can pay for it. From NFTs, to web3, to virtual worlds, it seems like everyone has a pitch about what the future looks like and how we get there. For those involved, it’s a frenzied world of big money and massive opportunity. From the outside looking in, a lot of it looks like a massive scam.

When I was a kid, the future meant flying cars and virtual worlds of our own creation. Now people are telling me it means clunky headsets, pictures of cartoon apes, and decentralized platforms that make absolutely no sense but will make those involved filthy rich.


What the hell is going on?

With me today is Motherboard managing editor Jordan Pearson and special guest Jackson Palmer. Palmer is perhaps most famous for creating the Dogecoin, but he’s also a musician, programmer, and host of the new show Griftonomics.

Griftonomics is available in iTunes and YouTube.

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