Monthly Horoscope: Aries, May 2023

Welcome to Taurus season, dear Aries!

The sun in Taurus illuminates the sector of your chart that rules security and wealth, making it an exciting time of year to think about how to create more comfort (and luxury!) in your life. Discussions might be moving slowly and perhaps a financial conversation has been delayed due to Mercury retrograde in Taurus, but forward progress can still be made this month!

Pluto retrograde in Aquarius begins on May 1, and you’re seeing power dynamics in your social life with a keen eye. Power within your social sphere may be shifting. You might decide to leave a friendship or community, and be drawn to a new group of people. You could also find yourself exploring a dream or wish, perhaps rethinking how you’ll achieve it. As you plan for the future, you can have an important realization about how to spend your money and energy as Mercury retrograde meets the sun in Taurus, also on May 1.


Venus in Gemini squares off with Neptune in Pisces on May 4, which could find you having a hopeful conversation—though it might be a total fantasy. Neptune is the planet of dreams, and also illusions. Even if people mean well, there could be a romanticization that strays far from reality. Find ways to stay grounded, dear Aries. If something sounds too good to be true, trust your intuition. Venus connects with Jupiter in your sign on May 5, bringing a shift in energy, and some genuine reasons to be cheerful and optimistic arrive! You can also find yourself feeling especially charming and attractive, and making some wonderful introductions.

The lunar eclipse in Scorpio takes place on May 5, and you’re taking a radically new approach to themes like wealth and security. You could be settling a debt, getting your bills organized, figuring out a plan for taxes, receiving an inheritance, or working out an issue regarding shared resources. These themes might be difficult to talk about, but they are necessary to explore! Eclipses can be emotional and exhausting, but astrologers regard eclipses as periods when we are placed on the right path, and when fated events occur. This is a powerful opportunity to reshape your relationship with money.


Venus enters Cancer on May 7, which bodes well for your home and family life; you may receive good news about these themes. You could be redecorating your home or in the mood to cook and entertain loved ones. You may be growing closer to a romantic partner, perhaps inviting them more into the fold. You and a long-term partner can enjoy getting cozy at home with each other at this time. Venus in Cancer inspires a caring, sentimental, and protective atmosphere in love and in your home.

The sun meets Uranus in Taurus on May 9, perhaps bringing an unexpected financial opportunity: Take things slow, you may feel the urge to make an impulsive, risky move, but get a second opinion before you do! You could be reworking a plan as Mercury retrograde connects with Saturn in Pisces on May 12, plus Mercury aligns with Venus on this day, rekindling a connection with the past. You might reconnect with a loved one, visit a place you used to live, or simply look through old photo albums.

Venus connects with Saturn on May 13, creating an emotionally supportive atmosphere: Though this isn’t the cuddliest, most romantic alignment, it is one that promotes responsibility, and you can feel supported and protected in your personal life. Communication delays and misunderstandings, especially regarding money, begin clearing up as Mercury retrograde ends on May 14, and by the time its post-shadow period ends on June 1, your focus will be on totally new topics! 


Your ruling planet Mars, now in Cancer, connects with Neptune on May 15, inspiring an emotionally liberating atmosphere. This is a powerful moment to let go of the past and reconnect with yourself. You could be letting go of items you no longer need, and it's a good idea to donate things that doesn’t suit your life anymore. You can feel creatively inspired, and great strides can be made toward completing a creative project.

An abundance of resources may become available to you as Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16, and it’s also exciting for your finances! You could discover a new talent, one that may pay off handsomely, or discover great wealth or a feeling of security. However, Jupiter squares off with Pluto in Aquarius on May 17, which means you’ll have to make critical decisions about budgeting and how to invest in your future. Making, or receiving, more money won’t mean much long-term if it leaves your life as quickly as it enters. 

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The sun connects with Neptune on May 18, inspiring compassion, emotional connection, and spiritual exploration. You could be revisiting conversations that took place around May 12 as Mercury connects with Saturn on May 19, and details are finally worked out. May 19 also brings the new moon in Taurus, which might find you accessing a new source of income, support, or security! On an emotional level, this new moon in Taurus is also about serenity: How can you cultivate more peace in your life, Aries? With so much focus on your finances, coming up with a budget could be a good place to start in order to create more comfort. But beyond money, what else do you need in order to feel comfortable?

Your ruling planet Mars enters fellow fire sign Leo and opposes Pluto on May 20, bring a climax to any drama that’s been brewing in your social life! A clash of egos could take place. You may decide to leave a friendship or realize that a dynamic needs to be changed. If you’re friends with someone who is behaving in a shady or manipulative manner, it’s time to say goodbye. You don’t have to do it alone—get support from other friends or a counselor who you trust! In general, Mars in Leo brings a big boost of passion and creativity, but folks who are jealous or insecure about how radiant you are, Aries, won’t be able to hide their insecurities anymore. If you want to save one of these friendships, an honest conversation is crucial. The sun enters intellectual air Gemini on May 21, helping conversations flow, and it makes a helpful connection with Pluto, facilitating transformation in your social life. 

The sun connects with Mars on May 22, inspiring a fun, dynamic atmosphere that’s fantastic for sharing ideas, networking, making art, and having fun—but watch out for impatience, big egos, and short tempers as Mars squares off with Jupiter on May 23. That said, Mars and Jupiter’s square could still be productive if you don’t engage with pot stirrers! Venus connects with Uranus on May 26, perhaps bringing some unexpected excitement your way. A surprising gift may be shared. Aries are all about spontaneity, and some random fun arise! Venus and Uranus combined inspire a light, effervescent atmosphere, though your focus may be squarely focused on your responsibilities as the sun squares off with Saturn on May 28. You’re setting important boundaries regarding your availability, communication, and privacy at this time. 

Good luck this month, Aries, and see you in June!