Particles Swim Through Space in These Mesmerizing Animations

Artist David McLeod’s newest series is like an abstract school of iridescent fish.
February 7, 2016, 2:30pm

Nobody does colorful, abstract, 3D art in motion quite like Australian artist David McLeod, and his newest digital triptych, called Colourflow, is mesmerizing. Each video shows a rendering of hundreds of flexible, cylindrical shapes swimming around the area of a sphere and morphing through a spectrum of bright colors, not unlike a school of iridescent rainbow fish. McLeod has done typography work for corporate clients, but his purely artistic endeavors trump any commercial work. In any case, the artist’s hand is strongly visible in each of his works, and Colourflow is a clear continuation of his floating wire series. The only downside to these entrancing videos is that they don’t loop, but feel free to hit replay as many times as possible.

To learn more about David McLeod's work, click here.


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