YouTube Channel of the Week

YouTube Channel of the Week: MonkeyBoo, the Monkey

He's just a fucking monkey. And that's OK.

WHO? MonkeyBoo;
WHO'S THAT? One man and his pet capuchin monkey, Boo;
RIGHT. SO WHO WATCHES THAT AND WHY? In a lot of ways, buying a pet monkey can be an investment, and not just an emotional investment. Sure, you get the sweet love of a monkey, but if you train it well and play your cards right, your monkey can turn into money.

Having pet monkeys hasn't had the greatest of press in recent times, what with all the people getting their faces torn to shreds by chimps and the like. But this is what happens when you get man-sized pets and train them poorly. If you want a monkey, why not get a tiny monkey?


That's what a drowsy southern man called Pete Moss did. He got himself a cute little capuchin monkey to call his own. Its name is Boo, and boy, oh boy does it do all the shit that a monkey does.

MonkeyBoo is a great time-wasting channel in the purest sense. We all know what monkeys are like. Monkeys have been an internet staple long before cats came to rule the roost. Remember when the monkey urinated into its own mouth, consuming its effluence in front of a crowd of amused onlookers? Remember when the monkey picked at its anus and then smelled its finger, recoiling from the pungency of it and falling backwards out of a tree? These were simple and innocent times, before the Nazis returned. We'll look back fondly on these filthy monkeys when all the nerds are using their Counter Strike skills to slaughter each other on the streets.

Anyway, monkeys are good. But this goes beyond your regular animal interest channel, and introduces us, in many ways, to the banality of owning a monkey. A lot of the time, MonkeyBoo is simply tearing open a bag of fruit or unboxing an iPhone or just eating pumpkin. The monkey doesn't do any tricks or anything; it just, sort of… exists. Exists in the home of this weird, potentially stoned dad.

It's a pretty nice reminder that even monkeys, who are usually at least kind of interesting, don't have to be "on" 24/7. And because they resemble us and our behaviours in so many ways, it's comforting to see a stupid little creature shovel bits of dried cranberries into its tiny gob and just sort of hang out, not having to do anything. I would say that MonkeyBoo is "goals", but I'm not a fucking idiot, so I won't.