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Sparks Fly in an Animated Tribute to Imagination

'One Bright Dot' is what happened when Clément Morin started animating a film without knowing how it would end.

GIF by Becky Chung. All images courtesy the artist

A tiny speck of light emerges from the ocean and strives to become something greater in designer Clément Morin's short animated film, One Bright Dot. Originally, he imagined a story about a lonely light on a journey, but, lacking any plans, began to animate for the next four weeks without knowing how the story would end.

“For me, the work is a tribute to imagination,” Morin explains to The Creators Project. He cites animated shorts and movies that are minimal on dialogue, including Pixar’s Wall-E, and the introduction for Up, as a few of his favorite examples of authors telling stories with only pictures and music. For One Bright Dot’s soundtrack, he enlisted the help of musician Etienne Forget and sound designer Hugo Thouin. The result is like a dip into Morin's mind, a magical journey guided by the spark that is inspiration itself.


Watch One Bright Dot in its entirety, and take a peek at some of our favorite moments from the film, below:

One Bright Dot from Clément Morin on Vimeo.


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