The 'GoT' Creators Have Hidden the Show's Ending in... a Spotify Playlist?

Please analyze the hell out of this Rage Against the Machine song and tell us who will be king.

Game of Thrones premieres this Sunday, and creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have been hyping the show's final season with gimmicks like hiding Iron thrones and staging a global traveling exhibit around the series. And now the creators (or more accurately, the HBO marketing department) have one final trick up their sleeves: a Spotify playlist called "Game of Thrones: The End Is Coming" that tells the story of the final season through music and holds a clue as to how it will end. Okay!


According to the playlist, the show's conclusion could be just about anything. It's very open to interpretation, and it's hard to determine a cogent plot through an eclectic 50-song compilation that includes Led Zeppelin, Prince, Kanye West, Guns N' Roses, Rage Against the Machine, Danzig, and U2. It's a decent playlist though. Listen below and speculate wildly!

Despite the genres being all over the place the playlist does gel surprisingly well, held together by the hype-beast spirit its listeners are presumably ready to tap into. And the rock songs are easy for the occasional listeners who'll give a head bang or two when the spirit moves them.

GoT may have gotten singers like Ed Sheeran to lay down a ballad for the show in the past, and the final season is spicing things up a bit with a song collab from The Weeknd, SZA and Travis Scott. But the official soundtrack mostly full of original music composed by Ramin Djawadi is by no means typically a hub for contemporary music. But creators apparently feel strongly that the show's musical essence has another side to it. To supplement, they've been taking matters into their own hands, curating their first Spotify playlist "Game of Thrones: Songs of Ice and Fire" back in 2017 which literally featured rock songs about war, ice, fire, and wolves. But this time, it's all about channeling the vibe, the way the show makes them feel, which is apparently like anyone standing in their way should watch the fuck out.

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