'Just Enjoy Playing' Without Cheats, 'Warzone' Cheat Maker Says

Call of Duty: Warzone's new anti-cheat system Ricochet has started rollout in specific regions.
Call of Duty: Warzone
Image: Activision

An established cheat developer for Call of Duty and other first person shooters has told their customers to just enjoy playing the newly launched Call of Duty map without cheats in the wake of the game’s new anti-cheat system also being rolled out, according to an announcement in their Telegram channel.

“Do not inject COD Warzone/MW [Modern Warfare],” the administrator of cheat provider Phantom Overlay wrote. “No reason to. Major update broke cheat anyways & I still need to do my work now that Ricochet kernel driver is reportedly here for Asia-Pacific regions.” Ricochet is Call of Duty’s new anti-cheat system which will run at the kernel level of the operating system for PC players. Injecting is a method for running cheats inside a particular video game.


“Just enjoy playing it without cheats if you have Vanguard early access to it,” the message added. On Wednesday, players who own Call of Duty: Vanguard can access the new Warzone map 24 hours early. On Thursday, all players will be able to play on the new map.

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Zebleer, the Phantom Overlay administrator, told Waypoint in an email that “The update was massive. Need to update my Warzone cheat. Also Ricochet is apparently active in Asia-Pacific regions now. Overall it's just a pointless time to inject.”

“I would shut off injections but there's minimal risk here and I need injections on for myself my testers,” they added.

Cheaters have plagued Call of Duty: Warzone for months, so much so that publisher Activision and main developer Raven have pushed Ricochet’s arrival in marketing material. An entire ecosystem of account hackers and sellers also exists to help facilitate cheating in the game.

Previously, Phantom Overlay said it didn’t think Ricochet will be effective against its own cheat development.

“The hard part for the Ricochet team will be to be effective in kernel against us, which I do not believe they will be, especially at first, and even more so with a non-invasive approach,” Zebleer told Waypoint in an email at the time.

Ricochet is planned to spread to other regions at a later date, according to the official Call of Duty Twitter account.

This week, workers at Raven walked off the job to protest the treatment of members of Warzone's QA team who were let go from the company.