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Finnish Psych Superfreaks Atomikylä Just Dropped a Mind-Blowing New Album, 'Keräily'

The newest collection of dark, hypnotic psychedelic freakouts from members of Oranssi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising is now available from Svart Records.

Photo by Maija Lahtinen

Atomikylä blew my mind to bits with their suffocating, hypnotic performance at Roadburn 2016. I expected to have a little more recovery time before they did it again, but joke's on me, because these psyched-out Finnish maniacs just dropped an entire new album on the populace—and it's spectacular.

Atomikylä is a definite supergroup—mining the combined talents of Dark Buddha Rising's Vesa Ajomo and Jukka Rämänen and Oranssi Pazuzu's Toni Hietamäki and Juho Vanhanen—but has the sense to use its powers for good instead of banality. Yeah, there's a lot of spidery connective tissue between their droning, atonal dirges and some of Dark Buddha Rising's spacier material, but Atomikylä ultimately carves out its own niche within Finland's small but increasingly deadly dark psychedelic scene (don't worry, Abyssion—we love you, too).

Anyway, their new album, Keräily, RULES, and is out now, so don't sleep on it. Stream it below, and buy it from Svart Records here. You can thank me later.

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