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Perera Elsewhere's Video for "Light Bulb" Is a Strangely Beautiful Look at Pregnancy

We cannot look away.

Sometimes something is so arresting you don't really know what to do except just stare. This is what happened to me when I watched the video for Perera Elsewhere's video for "Light Bulb," which Noisey is premiering above. The Berlin-based artist operates in the realm of doom folk which, if you aren't familiar, is pretty much exactly what you expect it is—a weird, haunting, and twisted blend of sounds you think you hear in the middle of the night, but aren't quite sure if they're real or if you're imagining them. The track comes from Everlast, the musician's debut record which came out this past fall via Friends of Friends (you can cop the deluxe version now), and the strangely beautiful video follows a woman's journey through pregnancy. Stop reading and just watch it.