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This Generative, Reactive Album Changes with the Weather

Ditch the decks in favor of this generative LP.
February 3, 2016, 8:01pm
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Tableau is a generative album whose sound continues to evolve—reacting to temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and magnetic fields—until its user decides to turns the power off.

“I’ve been dreaming a lot of portable micro computers to create a generative music album,” reads the description of  Giorgio Sancristoforo’s latest project. “Now this is finally a reality here is my first PGLP (Portable Generative LP) called “Tableau” and it will be soon released.”


To listen to Tableau, just  plug it into a power source and it automatically begins to generate sound. It works with a portable 2A 5V battery pack, so it can be taken anywhere, making the possibilities of the album endless. Well, almost endless—according to Sancristoforo’s website, the number of mixes Tableau can produce is 4x12 factorial.

Sancristoforo isn’t picky about how Tableau is used. It is a Raspberry Pi2, so it can be modified with a micro SD card, or connected to a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to create a functioning computer. In the future, new albums will also be available on micro SDs, and new features and updates will be available for free.

There’s no word yet on when exactly Tableau will be released; Sancristi’s website simply says “soon”. But if you’re interested, make sure to keep tabs on the project, since a limited edition of just 50 will be available.

To learn more about Grigorio Sancristoforo's work, click here.

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