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Save a Horse, Ride the MysteryVibe Crescendo 2 Vibrator

This MysteryVibe unisex vibrator is 15% off right now during the brand's Big Summer Sale.
MysteryVibe’s Crescendo 2 Vibrator Is the Best Vibrator of the Summer
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No one likes a dry spell—god forbid a dry summer. Swiping on (Un)Hinge(d) is both a chore and lucid nightmare, while the prospect of a blind date chewing our ear off about the Civil War makes us want to be sedated. Thankfully, until you’re able to weed through the sea of uninspiring options, you can get *the job* done using some impressively sexy innovation. There’s an ocean full of sex toys we swear by: The Turbo, Dame’s Wand, and The WaterSlyde, to name a few—we’d be here all day if we listed all of our toe-curling holy grails


Now, while old-fashioned magic fingers may be everyone’s bestie in the bedroom, there’s always room to expand the circle of trust, and with MysteryVibe’s Crescendo 2, you get the best of both worlds. The brand’s latest vibe mimics the shape, flexibility, and precision of a finger, but adds custom vibrations at multiple points along the device. The best part? It’s gender-neutral and 15% off right now as part of MysteryVibe’s Big Summer Sale. 

$229$195 at MysteryVibe

$229$195 at MysteryVibe

The vibrator is super flexible, and its bendy, narrow design mimics your digits. It also has six specially placed motors to target sensations in all your nooks and crannies—including clits, penis heads, G-spots, and P-spots to make whatever you’re working with roar. It’s water-resistant for fun in the shower, bath, or pool, and features 16 different intensities.

The Crescendo 2 also comes with its own app, so you can easily control your own session—or, use it for partner play and display some ~soft~ dominance by controlling the intensity and vibration of each of Crescendo 2’s motors, customizing your partner’s rocket trip through the sexy solar system. “Beautifully designed, it’s the Rolls Royce of vibrators,” one reviewer on MysteryVibe’s website writes. 

Four years of research went into the Crescendo 2’s creation, and we’ve never had more faith in science than we do now. The product description also claims the vibrator can be used to alleviate symptoms of urinary incontinence, premature ejactulation, erectile dysfunction, and vulva pain conditions with its vibration stimulation. MysteryVibe also recommends that continual use can help with pain from scar tissue, trauma, or postpartum pelvic weakness. It has two hours of playtime after a full charge, and it’s made with easy to clean silicone material. This is truly a gem. 

What are you waiting for? Take yourself or someone else to O-town. 

MysteryVibe’s Crescendo 2 is available for purchase here

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