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Hey Stoners, Someone Invented Oreos That Double as Playable Records

Niche? Yes. Would I buy one? Also absolutely yes.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Stoners rejoice: the two things that stereotype dictates that you love literally most in the whole word—after weed, and presumably, your mothers—have coalesced. A while ago now, Dimension Plus, a design agency based in Hong Kong, invented "playable Oreos," which are essentially Oreo cookies with grooves on them so that they can be played like vinyl records.

Dimension Plus made their Oreos play the Oreo theme tune (didn't know this existed to be honest) in different musical styles, stating "Oreo is famous around the world as the brand that inspires people to see wonder everywhere." I am not sure that this is true (to me Oreos are just a thing I eat entire packets of in bed while watching X Factor), but the idea is very cool and you can see how they made them above, which, if you are a record nerd, is kind of a fun thrill.

Basically these cookies represent the possibility of one day being able to get high, listen to a record and then eat the record, and it wouldn't even be disgusting like when that guy ate the Kendrick Lamar vinyl. Instead, it would be delicious, and it would rule. Also, can you imagine how fucking funny that would be for a high person? There is Corporate Branding splashed all over this and nothing is sacred in the world of hyper-capitalism but also: this would be a fun thing to listen to while high AF, we cannot deny that. Dammit. Watch them in action at the top of the page.

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