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Adam Morrison is a 'Fully Equipped' Doomsday Prepper

This sounds about right.

Gonzaga senior forward Kyle Wiltjer appeared on today's Pardon My Take podcast ahead of his matchup against Syracuse in the Sweet Sixteen tonight and shared an interesting story about former Gonzaga standout Adam Morrison. Morrison bounced around the NBA and Europe and eventually wound up coaching with the Zags for a bit after his college days, but now he's apparently just a dude living in Spokane, hoarding guns and butter for the coming apocalypse.


Wiltjer was asked to describe himself as either a "rich man's Adam Morrison or a poor man's Christian Laettner," but balked at the question at first because he knows too much and didn't want to compare himself to Morrison. He eventually elaborated on why he doesn't want to make that comparison and it's a pretty good reason.

"If you know the guy, I don't wanna compare myself to him. The guy…so, let me give you a brief example of this: The guy is fully equipped if there was an apocalypse. He's got food stash[ed] away, everything. So he could survive anything."

PFT Commenter asked if "everything" also included guns and, yes, "everything" does include guns.

"Yeah, he's got guns, everything. He's got a bunker. Everything. I don't think I can compare myself to him, 'cause I know all that stuff, so I'm gonna go with Christian Laettner."

Wiltjer said he hadn't seen proof of the Morrison compound himself, but he's heard the legend and has spoken to him about it. He continued, saying that Morrison thinks that basically everyone in politics is corrupt and you get the general sense that he could be your wingnut social studies teacher from seventh grade who would go off on a crazy rant if you just said the word "government" in class. "He thinks something's going down with politics or something, because if you ever ask him a political question, you will get a great answer."

Wiltjer and Morrison remain good friends—when Wiltjer redshirted with the Zags after transferring from Kentucky, Morrison was an assistant coach and helped him develop—so when the apocalypse does come, he'll have a spot in the bunker with him.

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