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Miniature Robots Follow A Hand-drawn Circuit Translating Color Into Sound

Yuri Suzuki's audiovisual artwork Looks Like Music features different robots that can produce different sounds from colored marking.

Yuri Suzuki's latest artwork involves mini robots following a hand drawn circuit, turning colored parts of the track into sound. Called Looks Like Music the audiovisual installation is inspired by his piece Color Chaser and is currently being exhibited at MUDAM in Luxembourg.

Suzuki's background as both a sound artist and product/interactive designer is evident in the design of the unusual-looking robots. These "Color Chasers", produced by Dentaku, look like designer products and each have a different name—like basscar, glitchcar, drumcar—which relates to the different type of sounds they produce from the color markings. With sound programming by Mark McKeague the different robots combine bass, percussion, drum and other noises to create a chaotic symphony.


Members of the public can get involved too by adding to the circuit and extending it. "Visitors thus participate in the creation of a large-scale artwork and enrich a collectively composed sound piece."

Suzuki's previous sound art has included a taxi that translates city noise into electronic music and a spherical record shaped like a globe.

Images: via Design Boom. © Hitomi Kai Yoda

[via Design Boom]