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What’s the Difference Between a Wrap and a Burrito?

When I order a wrap, it’s nearly like eating a snack. But when I order a burrito, I'm making a commitment. Burritos can come in huge sizes that measure up to a small child.

Whoever came up with the idea of putting a tortilla around some meat or some cheese or whatever was a genius. You don't get the meat or cheese or sauce on your hands and you can eat the thing while you walk without looking like a lunatic, it's fucking great! Only problem is, what do you call the tortilla-wrapped thing? Most people would call it a burrito, but if you put roast beef or tuna in it or eat it cold after Yoga class all of a sudden it's a "wrap." BULLSHIT. To challenge this fucked-up paradigm, we asked people what the difference between a wrap and a burrito in hopes that they would realize that THERE ISN'T ONE, YOU DUMMIES!


Mary, student: A burrito is Mexican and a wrap is for health nuts. I don’t think a burrito would have lunchmeat in it and a wrap usually has lunchmeat.

But what is the wrap covering itself made of?
Probably the same thing as a burrito.

John, salesman: A burrito is Mexican, and a wrap is all-American.

What’s the difference between the ingredients inside?
Wraps have turkey, ham, and cheese. A burrito has melted cheese.

Rachelle, runs farm: A burrito has culture. A wrap is a random hot pocket of ingredients put together. But a burrito is, I don’t know, more of an effort.

But doesn’t the same thing hold a burrito and a wrap together?
Not necessarily. The best burritos, in my opinion, are made of corn. Wraps are made of flour and some other fake processed shit. Burritos are way better.

Midas, juggler: A burrito is Mexican. I’m racist, I’m sorry. A wrap is healthy because people like to use words to make them feel better about things.

What makes a wrap healthier than a burrito?
It’s not. It’s just people using words.

Kirsten, filmmaker (left):  When I hear wrap I think healthy. When I hear burrito, I think Mexican food.

Pamela, student: A burrito, in my definition, is rice, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, corn, and all of these different things. A wrap is more simplistic. Burritos are bigger and thicker. Wraps are more petite.

Damien, butcher(left): Burritos have standard ingredients. Wraps are generally more vegetable oriented. A burrito is generally looked at as a standard Mexican staple.


Aren’t they both wrapped in tortillas?
But you don’t generally get a burrito with different flavored tortillas. You get a wrap you can get spinach, sundried tomato, wheat, etc.

Sara musician (left): How you feel at the end.

How so?
A burrito, you feel too full and sleepy. After a wrap, you want to hang out.


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