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Why Is It Always Raining in 'Se7en?'

Raccord Collective's ongoing film essay project explores everything you wanted to know about David Fincher (but were too afraid to ask).
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You've seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo over a dozen times, Fight Club was your coming-of-age movie, and you stayed for Kevin Spacey, but started watching House of Cards because David Fincher was executive producing. But what do you know about the director's early career doing commercials for Levi's and Nike? Do you know the real reason it's always raining in Se7en? What does it mean when he switches from measured dollies and cranes to handheld shots? The answers to these questions—and more—await in the second installment of Raccord Collective's ongoing film essay project, The Directors Series - David Fincherwhich was released yesterday.


The nearly half hour-long episodes delve into the craft, backstory, and thematic devices of Fincher's early commercial work, ultimately leading into an in-depth analysis of Se7en. Set aside some time to learn from one of the great auteurs, keep your eyes peeled for the next part of the Raccord Collective's Fincher series on their Vimeo page, and watch part one of The Directors Series - David Fincher below.

Oh, by the way—skip ahead to the 14:00 mark to find out why David Fincher made Se7en so stormy.

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