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News Reporter Doesn't Realize He's Interviewing Adrian Peterson Until He Asks His Name

The reporter just so happened to interview a particularly buff, and well media-groomed gentleman about road rage.

A TV reporter in Houston named John Donnelly decided to hit the streets and get random takes on road rage for some kind of whatever segment. During one of those interviews, he happened to speak to a particularly buff, and well media-groomed gentleman. That man was Adrian Peterson. But the Houston Fox 26 reporter didn't figure out it was the former Vikings running back until he asked him for his name.

It's unclear where Donnelly picked up Peterson—a Palestine, Texas native—but I imagine Peterson had a feeling he was being approached for some kind of football-related interview. After all, it was earlier this week when the Vikings announced that they weren't picking up Peterson's contract for next season, which made him a free agent. (We are uncertain when this report aired, although the reporter posted it on Facebook on Wednesday). Little did Peterson realize that he was going to be asked about annoying, swerving, and speeding cars. Peterson told Donnelly, "You never know what people—how they will react to it." But tell us how you really feel, Adrian.