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Someone Made a Handy Visualizer for Every Single Ad-lib on Migos' 'Culture'

Just in case you didn't get them the first time around.

Migos are known for many, many talents, but arguably their most visibly displayed talent is their knack for ad-libs. From the ubiquitous "Mama!" to more elaborate works like "Katrina call FEMA!" the Migos are experts of the form, so it only makes sense that two rap archivists decided to provide a visual guide to the trio's asides on Culture. is some kind of audiovisual experiment wherein you play the embedded Soundcloud version of  Culture and simply watch as the adlibs flash on your screen.


The minds behind the page, rapper Declan Murphy and developer Alejandro Veloz, have done their homework and then some. All of the adlibs are here, down to not only the tiniest "aye" or "skrt skrt" but also the adlibs belonging to the album's guests. In a way, listening to Culture like this reaffirms its genius and forces one to closely examine what they used to take for granted. Perhaps a new perspective on life can be found in Quavo's cautious "If you think about runnin' with that then you in trouble (think about it!)" As the accompanying Twitter account says, you're gonna want to put this on fullscreen.

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