Having Played 'The Last of Us' Is Sometimes a Curse While Watching the TV Show

It's a smart adaptation, but there are moments where you miss what it means to actually guide a character through the world.
Screenshot from Phantom Brigade, a player lines up their mechs against enemy forces.
Image courtesy of Brace Yourself Games

It’s a big week for Waypoint, with two games primed to be favorites. The mech-centric Phantom Brigade is dropping, so Ren checked in with the latest early access build before 1.0. Patrick’s played a bit of Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe…and yep, it’s a Kirby game! Cado’s shuffling cards and playing poker in Aces and Adventures, where the Aces (game mechanics) are neat, but the Adventures leave much to be desired. Then, the crew talks about the last two episodes of The Last of Us, and speculate on where it’s all going.


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