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'World of Warcraft' Writer Sees Fantasy Come to Life on 'Warcraft' Movie Set

Blizzard VP of story and franchise development Chris Metzen expresses awe at the detail in the set for the upcoming movie, shows off his pretty robe.

If you've played almost any Blizzard Entertainment game from the last two decades, there's a good chance its characters and stories (and a good bit of their voices) originated with Chris Metzen. He's now the vice president of story and franchise development at Blizzard, and thus it was a bit of an event when he dropped by the set of the

upcoming Warcraft movie

to check out how things were progressing and suit up for his own small role. Universal Studios sent us some footage of Metzen's visit, and it's rather cool to see Blizzard's storytelling king in his castle, or at least the street leading up to it.

Metzen, for his part, is quite modest in the clip. He introduces himself merely as "one of the developers of the Warcraft franchise," even though he's responsible for much of the current feel, look, and lore of Stormwind, the human city depicted in the footage. Indeed, beginning with 1995's Warcraft II, he's been responsible for the majority of the lore for Warcraft in general (and Diablo and StarCraft, for that matter).

The clip also reveals Metzen's role as a turbaned perfume merchant in the film, and he walks around in the colorful getup expressing his awe at the way the film's set team has peppered the street with the names of stores found in the game version of Stormwind. If you've played an Alliance character in World of Warcraft, you'll recognize the streets of Stormwind right away.

The Warcraft movie itself will hit theaters on June 10.