Let's Talk About Steve Bullock for a Minute, Shall We?

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock is running for president. But he’s having a little trouble getting his campaign off the ground.
July 9, 2019, 4:27pm

DES MOINES — Montana Gov. Steve Bullock is a Democrat with an impressive resume. He's worked across the aisle in his heavily Republican state to get Republicans to do things Democrats want, like embrace Obamacare with a Medicaid expansion.

But he’s having a hard time getting anyone on the presidential primary circuit to care about his track record.

Bullock’s problem may be his penchant for, well, the work. While most Democratic hopefuls hit the race early, appealing to donors and rallying support, Bullock was finishing a legislative session.

He thinks that shows his commitment to the job. But it slowed him from getting the support he needed to make the first debate stage. And he’s on the bubble for the second round later this month.

Now he needs to convince voters he's worth paying attention to. It's a slow-going process.

VICE News recently spent 48 hours with Bullock as he ran around the country trying to drum up support while other Democrats debated in Miami.

This segment originally aired July 2, 2019, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.