The Haxan Cloak Shares a Haunting Track in New Video Interview

"Transposition #4" is a beatless synth work that's both disturbing and enticing.
April 11, 2017, 6:06pm

Björk collaborator and Tri Angle affiliate Bobby Krlic, a.k.a. The Haxan Cloak, today shared a video interview featuring a previously-unheard composition. The new piece, titled "Transposition #4," is slowly contorting work made up of geometrical synths, simultaneously evoking a sense of dread and introverted comfort.

Krlic also talks about how he approaches music, going back to when he first started making electronic material 18 years ago. Considering the immersive density of his work, it's not surprising to hear that he composes with the goal of creating something he can get lost in. Along the way, he also reveals that his mother introduced Mark Almond of Soft Cell to the original soul version of "Tainted Love" (their famous synth pop song is a cover), and traces his love of immersive bass soundscapes to his experience in the womb.

Last year, Krlic scored scored Almost Holy, a Terrence Malick-produced documentary on homeless Ukrainian youth,  in collaboration with Atticus Ross and his brother Leopold Ross.

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