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Quick, Get on My Shoulders and Let’s Listen to This Mix Brett Johnson Made Us

Ahead of his new EP the seasoned producer serves up an hour of wall to wall sizzlers.
DJ Sets and mixes from Brett Johnson are always a treat, largely down to how they allow the listener to perform both the perfunctory act of looking discerning, whilst actually basking in some straight up house heaven. This handle on both curatorial chin stroking and peak moment foot stomping is exactly why we are so stoked to be premiering this exclusive mix.

Johnson has an EP out this week called The Bounce is Back, a title riffing off his seminal 2002 release Bounce! which introduced four tracks straight into the annals of classic house. With his new EP it seems Johnson is returning to his days cooking up floorfillers, and with dance music the way it is, they sound more relevant today than ever.

Anyway, get on the nearest person's shoulders and play the above mix to your heart's content. Also be sure to get hold of the EP which is out now on Chi-town house maestro Derrick Carter's Classic label.

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