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Aries Compatibility With Every Zodiac Sign

Everything you need to know about relationship compatibility with Aries.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so it always likes to be first! Aries is usually up for trying new things, and their bravery inspires them to rise to the occasion and tackle challenges head-on. They’re ruled by Mars, a planet that corresponds with passion, willpower, and strength, and Aries is a cardinal sign (the first of a season), giving them leadership credentials.

In relationships, Aries seeks peace and harmony: They want something civil and totally romantic to balance out their busy lifestyles. If you want to woo an Aries, consider showing off something that brings you pride. Be as confident and polite as possible, and you’re sure to win Aries over.


Aries compatibility with Aries

This could get rambunctious! Together you have a blast painting the town red, but you’re both strongly opinionated and it’s just as easy for you to butt heads. Still, your ability to forgive and accept each other as you are gives this partnership the potential to be an everlasting, inspiring, and loyal one that spans space and time.

When sparks fly between two Aries, it doesn’t take long to start a fire! Neither is afraid to tell it like it is, but you’re also both easily hurt, so be gentle. Your endless curiosity, respect, and trust fuel an unwavering love you can count on, even when it feels like the world is against you. 

You’re both movers and shakers with clear ideas of what you want. Competition can be healthy if it spurs you to be—and do—better. Keep your egos out of it, focus on a greater cause, and together, you can build something that gives back and makes the world a better place.

Aries compatibility with Taurus

Aries’ childlike enthusiasm and Taurus’ warm sense of humor make unforgettable memories. They may lock horns occasionally. but if they can agree to disagree, nobody needs to get hurt! Taurus secretly admires Aries’ fearlessness, and Aries has a loyal friend in Taurus who will be there to catch them if they fall.

Aries moves fast and isn’t shy about their desires, while Taurus is sensual, slow, and plays for keeps. Communication can become challenging if Taurus feels pushed, or the Aries feels ignored. But with Aries’ trust, innocence, and passion, and Taurus’ endless patience and desire to build toward their future, this love is real and lasting.


Aries is a force of nature: ambitious, sharp, and gets things moving. Taurus is fertile like the earth: creative, resourceful, and tenacious enough to see a plan to fruition. Together, they’re a formidable team with the potential to build a cutting edge, yet timeless, legacy that offers a real practical service to the world.

Aries compatibility with Gemini

With Gemini’s cerebral wit and Aries’ infectious energy, this pair gets along famously, with plenty of laughs! You both need a lot of mental stimulation and can become easily bored. Luckily, you share enough mutual interests and are direct communicators, allowing you to overcome misunderstandings and build trust. 

Aries are passionate lovers, and Geminis love to court and be courted. Both enjoy communication and intellectual discussions, so as long as you’re both willing to listen without needing to dominate the conversation, you can ignite each other’s curiosity and passion, keeping the relationship new and alive.

Both Aries and Gemini are going places, and together they can reach new heights of success, going further than if they went alone. Aries has high ambitions, and Gemini has a vision; when these brains decide to work together, little is impossible! They can create something that’s not just glamorous but also raises standards.

Aries compatibility with Cancer

Aries’ carefree spirit and Cancer’s infectious humor and laughter can make for bubbly times and great memories. Despite Aries’s brave face or Cancer’s tough shell, these two are both deeply sensitive, so be gentle with each other! This friendship requires care, patience, loyalty, acceptance, presence, and space.

Aries is endearingly childlike, and Cancer is the nurturer. This feels like home, but both signs need to learn that their words have power to hurt or heal. Aries is renewed by Cancer’s endless love, and the warmth of Aries’ heart is the sunshine Cancer needs to break through cloudy spells. At best, this romance sizzles like a summer day at the beach. 


Aries has the creativity, ideas, business-savvy, and goals; Cancer has the plan, connections, and single-minded determination to get to the top. Together, these go-getters can really get things cooking, creating something that showcases a pioneering spirit and inspires the world with what you can achieve when you believe in yourself.

Aries compatibility with Leo

When Aries and Leo get together, it’s a guaranteed party! Both of you love taking risks, being the center of attention, and inspiring others. But if there’s friction, you can count on each other to be honest. Clear the air with a heart-to-heart and there’s room for both of you to shine.

Aries is playful and spontaneous, and stokes Leo’s passion for adventure. Both signs are honest—almost to a fault—but Aries could learn to be diplomatic and Leo can take a page from Aries’ book and be more direct. Leo is generous and everything Aries wants in a lover. In Aries’ arms, Leo can finally be vulnerable and breathe. This is the kind of love that makes the world go around! 

This is also an extremely creative partnership that can turn heads and blow minds. Leo expands and takes Aries’ ideas to the next level, while Aries opens Leo’s world and mind to new horizons. Both enjoy the spotlight, and together, they can create something that’s financially lucrative and raises the bar in their chosen field.

Aries compatibility with Virgo

Aries’ quirky antics match Virgo’s need to let loose from time to time, making this a mutually healing friendship. Both signs have a strong work ethic and care deeply about making a difference. But if you rub each other the wrong way, remember that no one is perfect! With a little space and time, you can heal and laugh about it.

Aries is playful and romantic; Virgo is down to earth and sensual. Communication can get tricky if either feels disrespected or criticized. But for all your differences, if you’re willing to be vulnerable and drop your defenses, you’ll find that dreams can come true.


Aries is ambitious, has networking skills, and is a creative risk-taker. Virgo is pragmatic and brilliant, with excellent problem solving skills. This combined with your shared work ethic makes you a winning team. Whether you spearhead a news organization, community center, or wellness center together, your work can touch lives, heal, and share a message of truth.

Aries compatibility with Libra

With Libra’s hilariously witty observations, and Aries’ ability to laugh at life, this friendship offers precious perspective. In case of friction, rather than pointing fingers, drop your pride and acknowledge your part—then you can get back to having fun!

Aries is playful, bold, and flirtatious; Libras make flirting an art form. Sparks fly and hearts beat when these two signs meet. You have plenty to talk about, gain, and learn from each other’s perspective. What you share is a love that’s precious as gold and rare as a diamond.

This dynamic duo has big ideas and dreams: Aries’ passion, presence and ambition, paired with Libra’s creativity, style, and people skills, is a combination that’s hard to beat. Whatever the venture, the work you do together can give back to the world and provide for generations to come. Aries and Libra make an excellent duo in the courtroom, too—you want these two fighting for you!

Aries compatibility with Scorpio

Aries has a wicked sense of humor, and Scorpio’s humor can be dark, so there’s an inherent sense of trust here. You’re both intense, with passionate feelings about the world. If you ever get your wires crossed, avoid power struggles. Honesty, forgiveness, healing, and time are your best bet to get this partnership back on track.

Scorpio is magnetic, mysterious, and sexy while Aries is plain sizzling hot, and their attraction is steamy and palpable. Communication between you is intense, making it nearly impossible to have secrets. This is the love you’ve both yearned for, one with someone you feel safe enough to bare not just your body, but your soul.


When these two signs combine forces on a mission—be it a creative, business, or financial venture—success is not far behind. Both have vision, unstoppable determination, and the power to make things happen. This is a lucrative partnership with the potential to achieve success not just in the eyes of the world, but in alignment with their own personal values and goals.

Aries compatibility with Sagittarius

Aries gets a kick out of Sagittarius’ antics, and Sagittarius feels like a kid again, clowning around with an Aries. Both signs possess an insatiable curiosity about the world that enriches your partnership. Rather than avoiding touchy subjects, gentle honesty and airing out differences can help deepen trust in this connection.

Aries makes Sagittarius feels young again, and Sagittarius opens Aries’ world and heart. Both are known for their honesty, but Aries knows when it might be wiser to say nothing, a skill Sagittarius could learn. Through all of life’s ups and downs, your love glows bright and warm, guiding you home like a beacon.

Aries has big ideas, goals, and knows all the right people; Sagittarius has vision, precision, resources, and luck on their side. You both know that success is the fruit of your labor, not the goal. Together, you can create something that heals, provides a real service, and gives hope to a world that needs it.

Aries compatibility with Capricorn

Aries brings out the kid in Capricorn, who revels in the chance to be silly. You also share deep mutual respect and admiration for one another. Trouble could strike if either sign feels betrayed, but rather than letting wounds fester, an honest conversation could be all that’s needed. When in doubt, ask, don’t assume!

Aries loves being pampered and Capricorn loves lavishing affection on the object of their attention. Aries is good at asking for what they want, something Capricorn could learn, rather than wishing Aries could read their mind. It may test patience at times, but this love is a gold mine laden with untold treasures.


Aries is a smart, creative risk-taker and Capricorn has business savvy and a vast network. Success is near guaranteed when these signs team up. Define a goal that is worthy of your time, love, care, and attention, and the intangible rewards of a job well done will far outweigh your efforts, material benefits, and social success.

Aries compatibility with Aquarius

This friendship makes for many wacky memories, like the time you went out for ice-cream and ended up in Kansas. Neither sign is afraid to stand out in a crowd. But if you sense distance, remember to have a friend, you have to be a friend. As long as there’s freedom for each of you to grow, your partnership can grow, too.

Aries’ natural boldness attracts Aquarius like a moth to a flame. Aquarius keeps Aries guessing and never bored. You have good communication, but both signs could learn to speak from the heart rather than trying to rationalize love. This love is as true and good as it looks!

Aquarius inspires and sparks Aries’ imagination, and Aries knows how to run with Aquarius’ genius ideas and take them to the next level. But underneath your brilliance, you’re both humanitarians at heart, and care deeply about this world, enough to create your own kind of revolution and change.

Aries compatibility with Pisces

Aries loves a good time, and Pisces will follow the ram to any celebration they’re excited about. Pisces could learn to be more direct from Aries, but both signs value the deeper intuition that guides the fish, opening the door to magic and serendipity. You march to the beat of different drums, but your partnership makes beautiful music.

Pisces is sensitive, poetic, and romantic—everything Aries dreams of in a soulmate! Aries stirs deep passion in Pisces. Aries thinks and talks fast, while Pisces needs time to digest information. Aries’ heart is constant like the sun, while Pisces’ heart is endless like the ocean.

Pisces has imagination, vision, and a glamorous je ne sais quoi. Aries is motivated, worldly and has a solid business plan. Together, you consistently pulls rabbits out of hats, leaving people amazed by your accomplishments. This is no party trick; the work you do together spreads a message of joy in a world hungry for hope.

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