needles and pins

Boots and Braces Don't Make You a Racist

What it's like to be a skinhead in 2017 – an exclusive clip from 'Needles & Pins', which premieres on VICELAND tonight.
February 22, 2017, 4:37pm

It's easy to make assumptions about skinheads. They do, after all, have shaved heads, much like neo-Nazis. Big difference, though – big, important difference – is that they're not racists. They just like Dr. Martens, ska and gingham shirts, and shaving their heads to tie it all together. In fact, a big part of being a skinhead is being actively anti-racist and anti-fascist. Still, that doesn't stop many of them from getting odd looks from passersby.


In the UK episode of Needles & Pins, a new show about tattoos that premieres on VICELAND UK (Sky channel 153) at 10PM tonight, host Grace Neutral hangs out with some skins in Margate. Lucky for you, we've got an exclusive clip – which you can watch below.

Needles & Pins airs every Wednesday at 10PM on VICELAND, Sky channel 153.