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The Neon Art of Ruby Gloom is a 3D, Cyber-Feminist Paradise

"The characters I make possess an exotic sexuality that I don’t feel I possess in real life."
All images courtesy the artist

Looking to enter an art K-hole? The Instagram account of 3D neon artist Ruby Gloom will deliver. In her blue and pink images, female avatars navigate cyber-futuristic landscapes taking selfies and exploring their sexuality in a quest to explore the complicated underpinnings of femininity. Effortlessly absurd and hypnotic, Gloom’s works feel like the internet itself is undergoing a hallucination.

Gloom, who also designs clothing that shares a similar aesthetic with her digital art, started creating these 3D works less than a year ago. “I’ve always been a fan of anything relating to cyber culture, and I had started following a lot of net artists on Instagram a year ago, not only interested in their visuals but also in the messages they were trying to convey,” the artist tells The Creators Project. “My friend and collaborator Jess Audrey, a 3D concept artist, taught me a lot about making 3D art.”


Creating art in SketchUp gave Gloom access to a wider range of creative possibilities than she had experienced while only working as a fashion designer. She says, “I think 3D art allows me to create exactly what I picture in my mind. It’s harder to execute my concepts in fashion because its more about the business and the look of the clothing.”

But what is Gloom picturing in her mind?  “The internet is undoubtedly the most powerful thing in the world in terms of human relationships, art, culture, and even politics,” she adds. “And once you get online, you can be anyone that you wish to be. I think freedom on the internet inspires me and allows me to do things that I want to, but might not be able to in real life.”

The artist says, "I use a lot of the female characters in my work to represent a side of me that people don’t fully know. The characters I make possess an exotic sexuality that I don’t feel I possess in real life, allowing me to explore a secret side of my sexuality. On top of that, I get to explore issues that are important to me, from gender, feminism, and social media to identity, cultural appropriation, and race.”

You can check out Ruby Gloom’s neon art on her Instagram page.


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