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Native Instruments Updates Another iPad-Compatible Product You Now Need to Buy

The battle between vinyl junkies and laptop-clutching DJs wages on.

The Battle for Middle Earth wages on—I mean, the battle between vinyl junkies and laptop-clutching DJs wages on. Heavyweight instrument/software maker Native Instruments has had a big role in bringing hardware-specific decks to use with their Traktor DJ software, and they've now announced the next generation of their famed Kontrol S2 and S4 controllers.

The most significant change, especially in this iOS-centric world (sigh), is that both controllers are now fully compatible with the Traktor DJ iPad/iPhone app, a trend that we are going to see continuing to grow exponentially as everyone and their cousin's dog's niece's sister is going to start spinning tunes from behind an iPad in the next few years. Need a DJ for your wedding reception? What do you mean, weddings are outdated? Well, I can DJ your non-wedding. Need someone to go all A-Trak for the fifth anniversary of your paper doll company being in the red? No problem, I can finish this game of Candy Crush later.

Other than the iPhone/iPad compatibility, much of the physical design has remained unchanged. There are new aluminum jogwheels, color-coded RGB buttons for loops / cues / samples, and supposedly, increased volume output from both units' soundcards.

The Traktor S2 and S4 are set for release into this crazy world on October 1st. Full details can be viewed here.