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Premiere: Wilkinson is Making Drum 'n' Bass for Late Night Text Sessions

Check out an exclusive premiere from the man returning drum n bass to the mainstay.
March 6, 2015, 8:55pm

Wilkinson makes drum 'n' bass, but put those images of you scuffling around with your hood up and a tinnie in the hand out of your head now. His latest track, “Hopelessly Coping”, premiering on Noisey, is actually pretty lush.

Far from relying on a drop, the work here has gone into melodic build, making the whole thing totes emosh. The vocal work, courtesy of Naughty Records latest singing Thabo, is audibly pained - straight from that moment you thought better and deleted those drafted texts at 2am. The beat is pretty hard and fast, but the chords running over it are a warm swell that eventually drops into a sizzling half time break out of nowhere.

For a drum 'n' bass producer, Wilkinson also shifts NUMBERS, with his last album Lazer’s Not Included going to number one on the iTunes Dance Chart. The lead single from that album went on to sell 300,000 copies making him a veritable Drizzy of the DnB world. "Hopelessly Coping" indicates this trend of powerhouse future bass is long set to continue, so get stuck into this one and expect new music soon.