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Oh Baby! This New Song from Blackpaw Produced by Twin Shadow Will Make You Move

Listen to the premiere of "Defenseless," your new favorite jam for fall.

Blackpaw is the solo project of LA musician Adrian Rodriguez, born in the wake of a motorcycle accident that left Rodriguez bedridden and unable to do much more than write, play guitar, and take existential inventory. The recovery process spurred Rodriguez to channel his creative energy into a new project that would take him from a supporting mainstay in the local scene to a sound all his own. The result of that rebirth is Blackpaw, a collaboration with longtime friend and producer George Lewis Jr. of Twin Shadow, blending stark post-punk minimalism with mercurial neo-electronic melodies. And baby, it's gonna make you dance.


Debut single "Defenseless," premiering on Noisey below, has producer Twin Shadow's moody synth pop fingerprints all over it, augmented with a certain stirring je ne sais quoi courtesy Rodriguez's thoughtful lyrics and orchestration. It's a perfect early fall soundtrack, geared to move you in more ways than one. Here's what Rodriguez had to say about it:

"'Defenseless' is the inner monologue to the idea of letting yourself feel something no matter what the outcome, good or bad," he told Noisey. "It's about having your preconceived notions and having your guard up. Once you let it all go and get lost in it, you're truly able to experience the moments that become memories. I think its important to cherish as well as let go. No matter how good it feels, or how much it hurts. These energies build us."

Listen to the premiere of Blackpaw's "Defenseless" below.