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How to Infuse Booze with Weed

Modern technology coupled with stoner ingenuity has made it a lot easier to get crossfaded.
Photo by Marcus Nilsson.

While you might have noticed a recent spike in the number of companies brewing their own riffs on cannabis-laden booze—you’d be wrong to think it’s some new phenomenon. In fact, weed-infused booze is steeped in the ancient medicinal traditions of various pre-colonial civilizations. (“Potación de guaya” is the Spanish name for cannabis-infused wine or brandy, which was later shortened to “potiguaya,” giving us the beloved cannabis slang term “pot.”) Using alcohol to preserve the healing qualities of various herbs dates back thousands of years, which means your great-great-great-grandparents might have been getting baked. Like, really baked.


But your ancestors’ alcoholic stoner juice recipes were probably a little less sophisticated than today’s cannabis concoctions, as modern technology (coupled with stoner ingenuity) has thankfully sped up the infusion process, which means, first of all, that you no longer have to steep the alcohol and cannabis together in a cool dark place for several months, and second of all, that weed alcohol no longer tastes like grassy sludge.

If that sounds appealing to you, MUNCHIES just so happens to be releasing Bong Appetit, a cannabis cookbook for every edible weed dish and drink you’ll ever need, so you can crank out a few pitchers of pot sangria at your next dinner party. (Or a weed-filled White Negroni, perhaps?)

You’ll learn to master pot mixology through a number of different methods for making tinctures, cold infusions, weed whiskey, and—of course—the infamous “Green Dragon.”

The book's coming out in October from Ten Speed Press, and you can jump on the preorder by clicking here. While you’re waiting, catch up on your favorite moments of weed-fueled eating and drinking from Bong Appétit over on VICELAND.