A collage of sagittarius personality traits
Illustration by Amanda Lanzone


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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: Dates, Meaning, and Personality Traits

An outgoing Fire sign, Sagittarius is sophisticated and intellectual—and known for having a big mouth!

Sagittarius Dates and Symbol

If you were born from November 21 - December 21, congratulations, you're officially a Sagittarius! Half-human and half-beast, centaur Sagittarius always has a justified and philosophical reason for their sometimes-brutish behavior and their always-blunt way of communicating. With a big mouth and big dreams, Sagittarius enthusiastically gallops towards the future, racking up credit card debt all along her merry way.

Sagittarius Element and Personality

An outgoing fire sign, Sagittarius is sophisticated and intellectual—at least until they find the keys to the minibar. Sagittarius people are gluttons with giant mouths, which they don't only use for eating and drinking (although they do a lot of that!), but also for judging others, preaching, and showing off. They can also be incredibly cheesy, and they basically have no shame. Tyra Banks is the perfect example of a Sagittarius: Her TV show, America's Next Top Model, serves as a platform for her to display her many talents while judging other people.

Sagittarius Is a Mutable Sign That Rules Travel and Learning

Sagittarius rules foreign places, higher learning, publishing, and philosophy. Communication and exploration are strong themes relating to Sag, one of the mutable signs (mutable signs end a season, in this case fall). Sagittarian people usually feel more at home on an airplane than anywhere else.

Sagittarius Corresponding Tarot Card and Body Parts

The tarot card associated with Sagittarius, ironically, is Temperance—but without moderation, Sagittarius would never be able to get up for work in time. The deeper meaning of the Temperance card relates to the blending of opposites, which is Sag's function in the zodiac wheel. Sagittarius takes the information collected by the first mutable sign, Gemini, after it's been analyzed and fact-checked by meticulous Virgo, the second mutable sign. It then unifies the concepts, allowing them to become part of a greater whole.

Sagittarius rules the hips, because really, what the hell else could a sign that's half-horse represent? Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, is the ruler of Sagittarius: They both are philosophical and larger-than-life energies. Sagittarius is a generous energy, and the concepts of Thanksgiving and abundance are clear in Sagittarius's jovial nature.