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Three Men Were Arrested For Treasure Hunting In NYC Sewers

Shocking to absolutely no one, the men didn't find anything.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Steve Jurvetson

With over 6,000 miles of pipes extending across its five boroughs, the New York City sewer system seems like the perfect territory for a group of friends to go on a hunt in search of some serious treasure—that is if you can get past the idea that it's, well, a sewer filled with trash and poo.

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This fact wasn't enough to stop 45-year-old David Hannibal and 35-year-old Damion Nieves from testing out these uncharted "waters." With the help of 21-year-old Department of Environmental Protection trainee named Marquise Evans who helped the two men climb inside a manhole in Brooklyn on Wednesday night, Hannibal and Nieves went on a four-hour exploration of the city's shitty underbelly.


The men took metal detectors down with them to help them on their search. Shocking to absolutely no one, the men didn't find anything.

To make matters even worse, after their journey, the men allegedly emerged from the sewer—presumably grimy and in desperate need of a shower—only to be met by police, and then taken into custody.

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Unsure as to what exactly the men thought they would find down there, New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton said, "I know, damn sure, I wouldn't be crawling through the sewers of New York. But these three evidently were."

As a result of the sewer shenanigans, Evans has since been suspended from the Department of Environmental Protection until further notice, and is now facing charges for reckless endangerment and criminal facilitation. Hannibal and Nieves are facing charges for criminal trespassing.

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