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How One Actor's Ambitious Demo Reel Became a Cult Film Masterpiece

On this episode of 'OUTSIDER,' we track down aspiring filmmaker Laz Rojas, who tried to capture Hollywood's attention by playing over 100 different characters in a four-hour one-man showcase.

After several failed attempts to break into the film industry, aspiring actor and screenwriter Laz Rojas decided he would try to catch Hollywood's attention by creating the most ambitious demo reel of all time. It showcased his talents as he played 102 different characters—men, women, children, and aliens—creating a universe populated entirely by himself. He submitted the tape to every producer, studio, and manager he could find, but never received a response.

In the latest episode of OUTSIDER, a web series that uncovers the singular minds behind the world's strangest movies, VICE tracks down Rojas, who is now living in unstable conditions in Los Angeles, to uncover the mystery behind the man, his work, and its unlikely rediscovery by cult film fanatics.

Friends of Laz have set up a crowd funding campaign to help him and his mother get back on their feet. Head to the GoFundMe page to offer your support.