Inside Gay Wrestling Porn with the Industry's Sexiest 'Jobber'

'Trophy Boy' Ty Alexander is an adult wrestler beloved for 'jobbing' – the art of losing sexily and getting thrown around the ring.
November 1, 2019, 10:11am
Ty Alexander wrestling porn
Photo courtesy of Ty Alexander

This article originally appeared on VICE UK

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Pro wrestling is pretty homoerotic. Despite the industry’s lack of queer inclusivity (which is being remedied by companies like A Matter of Pride), the sight of two sweaty, oiled-up men grappling each other in tight, barely-there trunks is sexy as fuck. Naturally, porn studios have spotted an opportunity to make it even sexier.


Wrestling porn is niche but diverse; alongside the standard ‘loser gets fucked’ matches, which predictably feature around 90 seconds of grappling followed by hours of hardcore bareback, companies like BG East, Can-Am Productions and Wrestler4Hire offer way more interesting options, which range from the self-explanatory (strip, ball-bash) to the more inventive (superhero, squash). This might all sound super kinky, but in reality it’s not too different from mainstream domination or humiliation porn – just add a sprinkling of spandex and some grappling-themed trash talk.

Few do it better than ‘Trophy Boy’ Ty Alexander, an experienced adult wrestler known for his cocky character, serious gear fetish and mastery of sexy submissiveness. In the world of wrestling porn, he’s well-loved for his ‘jobbing’ – being thrown around by a domineering opponent and loving every second of it. “It’s way more interesting than regular domination porn,” he explains to me over Skype, wearing a cropped hoodie emblazoned with his wrestling alias. “You’re not just strapped there. There’s push-and-pull, the chance for a comeback.”

This power dynamic was part of what attracted him, but more than anything it was the spandex, tight trunks and tiny thongs – “I’m a total gear-whore,” Ty laughs, explaining that he has six boxes of it packed up ready for a big move across the US. Luckily, he still found time to chat to VICE UK about perfecting his cum-shots, finding empowerment in porn and the unbridled joys of face-sitting.


VICE: Hi Ty, so tell me a in a nutshell how and why did you first get into wrestling porn?
Ty: Producers at BG East had seen videos of me online, so they asked me. I couldn’t believe it actually – I was bullied at school and always considered myself pretty ‘average’. It was a surprise to be asked, but wrestling had always been one of my big turn-ons so I didn’t take much convincing!

Do you have a favourite costume?
My pro trunks for sure, and I love wearing my boots. My wardrobe was based on what I was into, and to me there’s nothing hotter than a guy wearing Speedo-like trunks with his ass popping out – that’s the biggest turn-on for me. The gear came first, then the ‘Trophy Boy’ persona was built on that. I love thongs, too – there’s something so hot about a wedgie in an ass!

What makes you so great at "jobbing"?
I love to get beaten up, and I look good doing it. It’s all about ‘selling’ the match and making it look as realistic as possible by getting myself into certain positions and playing up to it. I can’t lie though – the moves really do hurt. I guess I’m just good at getting my ass kicked!

You offer private matches, too. Do fans usually want Ty the jobber?
Yeah, although sometimes they’re surprised at my strength! I don’t mind – private matches are about fans living their fantasies, and I know that when I was first getting into wrestling it was hard to be honest about having that kink. Private matches are great as long as everyone stays safe and knows what they’re getting into. I’ve had clients request no-holds-barred matches, so I have to check they understand what that entails because people can get seriously injured. I also once had a request to use chloroform on someone! That’s something I won’t do. The first thing private wrestlers do is state their limitations, and then they vet clients. I’ve ended up in some scary situations in the past, so it’s important to ask lots of questions beforehand.

Do you bring that Trophy Boy persona, too?
I definitely bring that cocky attitude, and my pink, crushed-velvet trunks are my most-requested gear. I wear those usually with a pink thong, my boots and kneepads. I let clients pick the power dynamic, the gear, all of that. The trunks usually don’t stay on for long!


From a purely practical standpoint, how the hell do you manage to sustain an erection while youre being thrown around?
I let my opponent sit on my face! It helps if they have a nice ass – well, almost as nice as mine, of course! I love asses. I don’t know what it is, I just love smacking them. Fans love to watch me give a stinkface (a humiliating wrestling move, basically face-sitting but usually clothed) but I love to receive them, too. Oh, and my nipples are super sensitive, nipple play is my weakness! I’ve been doing this for a while now, so staying aroused is easier but can still be difficult, especially if you’re trying to figure out how to escape a hold. But I know how to position myself to get turned on; for example, if I’m dominating someone then I’ll sit on them while I’m playing with myself and wiggle my ass in their face.

Ty Alexander Gay Wrestling Porn

Photo courtesy of Ty Alexander

Do you shoot every time?
Basically, yeah – I think there’s a science to it that I’ve mastered. It even surprises me sometimes, especially when I feel it squirt on my face! I guess I put it down to practice. I probably jerk off four times a day, and usually I shoot just because I’m so turned on. You can see in my scenes that I clench my butt – my ass is basically holding my body up, so maybe that helps.

You touched on body image before did porn help with that?
It made me realise that I have worth, which I know is a weird thing to say. I don’t think I’m a special person, but my fans and people around me have made me feel that way. Also, my confidence went through the roof when I started wrestling, and that’s factored into my everyday life – I’m not rude or obnoxious like Ty, but I don’t let life just pass me by any more. I always tell people that body doesn’t matter; you don’t need to be this crazy, ripped muscle god to be considered attractive, and actually the matches that have turned me on the most have been around guys with fairly average body types, like mine. You’ll always be self-conscious in front of a camera, but I just own it.


Is it more about charisma than body?
I think there’s demand for every shape, every size. I used to be really twinky, around 130lbs. Now, I’m 180lbs. I wrestled this older bear called Shane McCall and people loved that match! I know some people might gravitate towards super ripped guys, but when you actually watch them in action they sometimes aren’t the best. Body-wise they look great, but it’s not enough to just be pretty.

Other than Shane, which matches stand out in particular for you?
Ty: Ace Aarons was amazing. We usually break during filming, but with him it took about an hour because the chemistry was so intense. Also, matches I’ve had with guys who are now my friends – like Kayden Keller and Drake Marcos, who are actually my roommates. I still haven’t forgiven Drake. There’s a match – his first win – where he mixes my cum with his, puts it on his hand and them slaps me across the face with it. That wasn’t expected, as you can see from the shock on my face, but I’ve gotten my revenge several times since then!

Lastly, what advice would you give to someone with a wrestling kink that wants to explore it further?
I try to be as encouraging as possible. Maybe there’s fear that people will find it weird or disturbing, but don’t be afraid to live your fantasy. I went from quietly jerking off to wrestling porn at college and not telling anyone to doing what I do now. I’ve taken it to the extreme with my character, of course, but I wouldn’t change any of my experiences. If you’re passionate about it, just be safe and have fun with it. Live your dream!