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Visit Shambhala Music Festival in Part 2 of Sub.Culture: British Columbia

The definitive Canadian bass music festival has been shaking the ground for nearly 20 years.
November 2, 2015, 4:15pm

In the mountains of southeastern British Columbia sits Nelson, home to Shambhala Music Festival—the beating heart of Canada's bass music scene. With a progressive philosophy emphasizing community and harm reduction, the annual event has been shaking the ground for nearly 20 years.

In part two of SUB.Culture British Columbia, THUMP visits the family-owned farm where Shambhala's stages are built from wood, and people dance like no one's watching. We speak with the festival's founder, Jimmy Bundschuh; crowd favorites like Datsik; and Stacey Lock, the festival's harm reduction director about what makes the people—and mountain air—of Shambhala unlike anything else in the world.

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