Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, November 2023

Welcome to Scorpio season, dear Aquarius!

Scorpio season finds you stepping out into the world, Aquarius! All eyes are on you as the sun transits your public reputation sector beginning October 23.

An optimistic outlook arrives as the sun faces off with Jupiter on November 3—and you’ll have to stay confident and cool though the mood is sensitive. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, faces off with illusory Neptune on that same day and matters of self-image and self-esteem should be handled with care. This aspect can distort your relationship to the material world, so don’t fall for scammers!


Your planetary ruler, structural Saturn, ends its retrograde on November 4, bringing some order back into your financial life, slowly but surely. Brilliant ideas emerge as Mercury faces off with Uranus, the planet of invention, also on November 4. This is a great aspect for brainstorming and coming up with entrepreneurial ventures. How you define your role in the public eye comes from your unique life experience.

Trust grows in your relationships as love planet Venus harmonizes with power planet Pluto on November 6. Feelings of jealousy or control may come up for you to process and move beyond, in whatever way feels right. Communication is more emotionally expressive as Mercury harmonizes with Neptune, also on November 6. Communication on an emotional or even nonverbal wavelength is unfolding.

Venus enters fellow air sign Libra on November 8, bringing harmony and peace into legal issues, travel plans, and higher knowledge. You can connect with your beliefs in a more intellectually stimulating way over this period. You’re getting to the bottom of things on November 8 as Mercury connects with Pluto, instigating deep investigation. You might be in touch with some hidden knowledge or secrets that not everyone has. Why shouldn’t you gate keep?

Get to moving with your goals and future plans as Mercury enters your chart’s house of hopes and dreams on November 10! This is a time for you to make a list or step-by-step outline. A little effort is required to work around material or financial roadblocks as Mercury squares off with Saturn, also on November 10.


Look out for feeling hyper vigilant and on the offense as Mars faces off with Uranus on November 11. There’s tension between protecting your legacy and an itch to break free. If you can find a way to balance and synthesize these two poles, rebellion and purity, you can generate something that suits you. As immediate as things might feel, a comfortable decision will take time.

There may be an extreme urge to reinvent yourself on November 13 as the sun faces off with Uranus, showing you what makes you special and how to use your unique background and experience to shine. The new moon in Scorpio also falls on that day, bringing you the silence and space to consider how you want to be known and remembered. Feelings stirred by this new moon can be reactive as the new moon meets with Mars. Mood swings or a sudden change of heart might pop up as the new moon faces off with erratic Uranus.

What you believe and the words you use are aligned as Mercury connects with Venus on November 15. Political perspectives and compassion for your friends and community are find and hone. This is also a creative aspect that allows you to easily collaborate on and talk about aesthetic and emotional matters.

Wishes come true as Mars and the sun harmonize with Neptune on November 17! This may be a time when you’re selling yourself and your professional image. You’re able to support your public image with a little bit of magic. This is a “fake it ’til you make it” aspect—and you’re convincing! Keep your spirits and self-esteem high and everyone will agree. Or maybe Neptune’s got you feeling like you want to escape from the way people have always seen you, shape-shifting into a different role.


You can experience a sort of rebirth as the sun meets with action planet Mars on November 18, beginning a new cycle in your career. See to the depths of what motivates you. What every-day actions do you hope will add up to a lifetime of honor and success? Consider the things that fill your cup, and move accordingly. You’re tapping into a source of personal power as the sun connects with Pluto on November 20, bringing a flash of hidden knowledge. Motivation comes from a mysterious source as Mars also connects with Pluto on November 21.

As the sun enters your chart’s house of hopes and dreams on November 22, consider what your ideal world looks like, and how you’d like to find it in the coming year. This is a time for parties, joy, and festivity! Getting to know who is in your orbit is a good way to find support for the future you want. A reality check arrives as the sun clashes with Saturn on November 23, which might make you feel a little more pessimistic or reserved about the future. You’re looking at longevity and security rather than fantasy.

Action planet Mars enters your chart’s house of hopes and dreams on November 24, giving you more steam and energy for socializing. Your social battery is pretty full, however selective. Use your community connections to help push through any limitations as Mars clashes with Saturn on November 25. This may be tiresome, but having multiple channels can help sustain your effort.

Look out for misunderstandings as Mercury clashes with Neptune on November 27, and double check price tags and fees. November 27 also brings the informative full moon in Gemini, signifying fulfillment in your social and love life. There might be some steamy drama as the full moon faces off with passionate Mars, and it may manifest as a spicy debate or energetic dance floor. Have patience as we all try to figure things out—or drown it out with some music!

Good luck Aquarius, and see you in December!