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Ebenezer Is the Truth... Even If That Sounds Like a Cliché

Having already worked with the likes of Craig David, Ty Dolla $ign and Jeremih, the British artist now releases his first proper solo single.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

Truth is a valuable commodity. As much as breathing, eating, sleeping – all necessary functions – being honest should be a central tenet of life. The only problem is most of us suck at fully letting our guard down and dispensing with anything less than pure, direct facts. If we're not outright liars then we shield parts of our personalities, erect protective walls around ourselves, present certain, more palatable aspects of ourselves through our chosen social media channels.


"We live in a six-second era where people are looking for a moment, then they're onto the next moment," says 25 year-old Ebenezer of the fact-paced era we're living in, one where people often serve up and also receive a hyper-coloured yet distinctly unreal present. And as real, undiluted honesty falls to the wayside, it becomes a kind of prosaic adage to state facts – which is what Ebenezer's debut single "Cliché" (below) is about.

Part swirling, nocturnal R&B and part glittering north London realness, travelling along a street lit circular road past midnight, the track presents Ebenezer as a new British figurehead; one who is carving his own distinct lane. Having already worked with the likes of Craig David, Ty Dolla $ign and Jeremih, the track is his first proper solo outing.

It's practically a cliché to suggest you're not a cliché – something Ebenezer is aware of – but running through the track is that feeling: that undeniable sense you're listening to an artist speaking direct from his soul rather than simply doing it to flex or boost an ego or be someone he isn't.

On how the song came about, Ebenezer says: "Music started to lose its value: it became not genuine, no more. People stopped believing what people were saying, everyone had heard it all before. This is just about honesty." Like I said: sounds like a cliché on paper, but take away your own feelings about what people say, how many lies you've been told. Listen to the track and hear what Ebenezer is saying; feel it and sink into it, and prepare to be vividly aware of what he means.

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