How Many Times a Week Should You Be Pooping?

Will Smith recently said he "can go three days without it"—it being pooping. Is that in any way OK???

When was the last time you pooped? It’s OK. I’m not a cop.

Was it this morning? Great. Yesterday? All right. Two days ago? Hm. Three days ago? I’m concerned! Just like I was when I saw this video clip over on Decider where Will Smith says that he “can go three days without it,” it being “pooping.”

I can go three days without a lot of things. Caffeine? Sure. Self-respect? No problem. But pooping? Well, that’s just where I draw the line. I thought you were supposed to be pooping every day, but now that I think about it…it’s not like I ever read that somewhere. Maybe Will and all the other every other- other day poopers are the normal ones. Perhaps I’m Mrs. Poop Freak.

To find out if I should feel even more ashamed about something I already feel ashamed about, I reached out to a bunch of butt doctors (gastroenterologists). Most of them were busy tending to butts, which I totally get, so I turned to the internet instead. From what I found, it’s actually totally normal and not at all upsetting to only poop every three days, no matter how not normal and deeply upsetting I find it, personally. Some people poop every three days, and other people poop three times a day—both of which are apparently fine. Not pooping for three days isn’t necessarily a sign of constipation, which doctors define as pooping less than twice a week—an edge that Will Smith seems to skirt on a very regular basis!—nor is it a red flag for something else. Unless it continues for a week or more and your shit gets impacted and tears up your bowels!! That’s bad and should be avoided, if possible. Not pooping for a week or two is definitely a bad thing and you should see a doctor immediately, but on the upside you could probably get a pretty good Reddit AMA out of it.

In short: Not pooping for three days isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but that doesn’t mean you should go out of your way to not do it to prove anything or just because a famous person makes it seem cool.

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