How Many Times a Week Should You Be Pooping?

Will Smith recently said he "can go three days without it"—it being pooping. Is that in any way OK???
September 24, 2019, 5:53pm

When was the last time you pooped? It’s OK. I’m not a cop.

Was it this morning? Great. Yesterday? All right. Two days ago? Hm. Three days ago? I’m concerned! Just like I was when I saw this video clip over on Decider where Will Smith says that he “can go three days without it,” it being “pooping.”

I can go three days without a lot of things. Caffeine? Sure. Self-respect? No problem. But pooping? Well, that’s just where I draw the line. I thought you were supposed to be pooping every day, but now that I think about it…it’s not like I ever read that somewhere. Maybe Will and all the other every other- other day poopers are the normal ones. Perhaps I’m Mrs. Poop Freak.

To find out if I should feel even more ashamed about something I already feel ashamed about, I reached out to a bunch of butt doctors (gastroenterologists). Most of them were busy tending to butts, which I totally get, so I turned to the internet instead. From what I found, it’s actually totally normal and not at all upsetting to only poop every three days, no matter how not normal and deeply upsetting I find it, personally. Some people poop every three days, and other people poop three times a day—both of which are apparently fine. Not pooping for three days isn’t necessarily a sign of constipation, which doctors define as pooping less than twice a week—an edge that Will Smith seems to skirt on a very regular basis!—nor is it a red flag for something else. Unless it continues for a week or more and your shit gets impacted and tears up your bowels!! That’s bad and should be avoided, if possible. Not pooping for a week or two is definitely a bad thing and you should see a doctor immediately, but on the upside you could probably get a pretty good Reddit AMA out of it.

In short: Not pooping for three days isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but that doesn’t mean you should go out of your way to not do it to prove anything or just because a famous person makes it seem cool.

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