Isaac Toups

  • How-To: Gumbo with Isaac Toups

    Chef Isaac Toups of Toups Meatery is here to teach us how to make a New Orleans style chicken and sausage gumbo.

  • Chef's Night Out: Toups' Meatery

    In this episode of Chef’s Night Out, we head back down to the Big Easy with Isaac Toups of Toups' Meatery, who shows us some of his old haunts.

  • Cajuns Boil the Head and Save the Blood

    Lately, there’s been the “whole-hog” cooking trend. You know, using the tail to the snout. But the Cajun community has been cooking with the whole hog for 200 years. The pure Cajun spirit comes from living off the land in a proper format and being...

  • Lamb Neck with Black-Eyed Pea Ragout and Chow Chow Recipe

    Served with a mint-mirliton chow chow and bacon-y black eyed peas, this delicious Southern lamb dish gets its tenderness and flavor from being slow-braised for hours.