Jason Mojica

  • Welcome to #UkraineDesk

    We're very excited to begin a new experiment with some of the web's leading media organizations.

  • Jailed Al Jazeera Journalist Is Actually Kind of a Dick

    On World Press Freedom Day, VICE News Editor-In-Chief Jason Mojica weighs in on the lionization of journalists.

  • ‘Wants and Needs’: An Interview with Filmmaker Ritesh Batra

    The writer and director of ‘The Masterchef’ talks about using narrative film to challenge perceptions of global poverty and hunger.

  • Karen Black

    We were excited when Karen invited us to her home in LA for tea and a nice long chat about the art of acting, why she regrets starring in horror films, and her recent musical collaborations with Cass McCombs.

  • The Tiny VICE Guide to Doha

    We tried to find the best shawarma in Doha but ended up searching for robot camel jockeys (apparently this is a real thing) and drinking in very strange bars.

  • Robert Baer

    We met former CIA man Robert Baer in a shady motel room in Newport Beach, California, to discuss the difference between the life of a real-life spy and the crap you see in the movies.