Kimberly Kane

  • Sex + Food: Edible Intimates

    Host Kimberly Kane visits the headquarters of North Hollywood's Doc Johnson Enterprises—America's number-one manufacturer of sex toys—to learn the ins and outs of flavored pleasure products, from cinnamon bun and red velvet cake to classic cherry.

  • Sex + Food: Sploshing

    Host Kimberly Kane visits an LA fetish studio to explore sploshing, a fetish that involves the smearing, wiping, throwing, and drizzling of food on the body.

  • Sex+Food: Spiseligt sexlegetøj

    Hvad end du er til bacon, kirsebær eller kanel, så har USA's førende product af sexlegetøj noget, der falder i din smag.

  • Sex + Food: Body Sushi

    Our host Kimberly Kane channels her inner 18th-century Samurai as she gets treated to a private sushi dinner in the Hollywood Hills. The twist? The sushi has been elaborately plated on a naked woman, and Kimberly herself strips down for the main course.

  • Sex + Food: Auntie Angel

    Adult entertainment star Kimberly Kane sets out to meet sex educator Auntie Angel after learning about her viral video featuring the "grapefruit blowjob method."

  • Sex + Food: Inside the Hungry World of Feeder Fetishes

    Host Kimberly Kane takes us into the world of Tammy Jung, a woman who experiences sexual pleasure from eating massive amounts of food and being fed.

  • Zak Loves Mandy

    Last year, porn star Mandy Morbid was diagnosed with Ehlers–Danlos syndrome. But through all of Mandy’s hardships, Zak Smith has never left her side. I talked with the couple about their love and how it exists so gracefully in a world of porn, art, and...

  • Girls of Hollywood

    Photos by Kimberly Kane, Styling by Giuliana Mayo

  • This Porn Star Doesn't Think Much of the LA Condom Law

    Kimberly Kane feels less safe now that stunt dicks have to rubber-up.