Tony Conigliaro

  • Beer Old Fashioned Recipe

    A simple beer syrup updates this classic cocktail.

  • How-To: Make Gothic Cocktails with Tony Conigliaro

    Tony takes us deep into the underworld by creating three gothic-inspired cocktails including the Nosferatini – a martini that tastes like blood—and the Silver Bullet, a werewolf's worst nightmare.

  • Bone Marrow Cocktail Recipe

    We combined gelatin with whisky, licorice, and porcini mushrooms, and put it in the fridge to gellify so that it has a very marrow-like consistency.

  • Silver Bullet Recipe

    The Silver Bullet is a drink from the 1920s. Kummel Wolfschmidt and gin have a silvery taste when mixed, so we took it a step further and added an element of real silver.

  • Nosferatini Recipe

    An imaginary martini that Dracula would have drunk. To create a psychological effect, we added iron to the fake blood that we made. It's as if Dracula's taken a sip of his martini and left two drops of blood from his fangs.

  • Soy Cubano Recipe

    We tried to combine the romance of Havana—a place I adore—and the literal reality of the movie 'Soy Cuba.' This cocktail from 69 Colebrooke Row features rum, white soy sauce, sherry, and tobacco essence for a uniquely nuanced, smoky drinking...