August Issue

  • Prepping for the Apocalypse at a Doomsday Training Camp

    I learned how to cut through zip ties, pick locks, and lived through a fake kidnapping—all in the name of girding myself for the lawless world to come.

  • Gardening, Bulgaria Style

    Zdravko Donev, a contractor from Bourgas, Bulgaria, woke up to discover seven pickaxes stuck in his Audi. The incident was the first recorded case of a trend now sweeping the nation: People puncturing cars with heavy-duty hardware.

  • Bedu

    "Bedu" completes Jim Mangan's trilogy on the subject of rebirth, which includes "Winter's Children," used in the VICE June 2010 issue, and "Color'd," used as the cover and feature in the VICE 2011 Photo Issue.

  • Dear Mexican Cartels: Don’t Fuck with the Angels

    Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, has become known as the “murder capital of the world” thanks to the seemingly endless string of drug-cartel-related killings, and the law-abiding portion of the population is ready to try almost anything to stop the violence.

  • Season Finale

    It took a while for the Canadian literary establishment to accept Lynn Coady—her unpleasant gritty realism and fucked-up sex scenes didn’t go down too easily with the silk-stocking crowd. We’re honored to feature her new short story “Season Finale” in...

  • How to Punch Out a Paparazzo

    Socking a pap isn’t that hard. You too can be immortalized for punching some guy trying to take a photo of you, just like Sean Penn, Kanye West, Quentin Tarantino, and Chris Martin, by following these five easy steps.

  • Dead Can Still Dance

    This month marks the release of "Anastasis," Dead Can Dance's eighth studio album, following a 16-year recording hiatus. I spoke with Brendan from the tiny fart of a booth while picturing him tiptoeing around a recording studio, worrying how he was...