• Trump Just Admitted Obama Was Born in the US While Spreading a New Lie

    Donald Trump told the press that "President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period," but blamed Hillary Clinton for starting the conspiracy theory that he wasn't.

  • ​Ted Cruz Is Finally Starting to Channel His Inner Donald Trump

    Debate pyrotechnics between Cruz and Trump last night only underscores how harmonious their rhetoric and appeal is to conservative supporters.

  • How I Tried to Sell Obama's Fake Kenyan Birth Video

    Since I am a creationist (I created Barack Obama Jr.) and a naturalist, I took my evidence of Obama's Kenyan birth straight to heavy duty teabag birthers like Donald Trump's special counsel Michael Cohen, and 2012 presidential nominee Jeff Boss (who...

  • How I Faked Obama's Kenyan Birth

    I am Nimrod Kamer, aka Peter Rehnquist, the creator of the "real" 'Obama Kenya Birth 2012' film. I am happy to present to you the behind-the-scenes making-of footage of the birthing-video hoax.

  • Is This Obama’s Kenyan Birth Video?

    Yesterday afternoon, an anonymous source known only as “Peter R.” reached out to VICE with claims that he had in his possession a video of President Barack Obama’s birth. Peter said that the footage was shot at a hospital in Mombasa, Kenya, on August...