Blood Lady Commandos

  • Fried Friends Forever

    Blowing things up is as important as hanging out with grandkids and scrapbooking for the Blood Lady Commandos.

  • Is it Burma or Myanmar?

    In the thirteenth Blood Lady Commandos comic the BLCS are almost about to escape but they get into a big discussion and then they are backstabbed

  • Pop a Wheelie!

    The BLCs are battling the war on drugs while riding BMX bikes and discussing female health concerns as per usual.

  • Orange Party Balls

    The BLCs decide to take a break from their war on drugs to do some baking.

  • Sing-A-Ling

    Gayle and Phyllis are two nice old ladies who have been recruited by Uncle Sam to be a couple of Rambos overseas. In this comic strip, they are taken prisoner by a dictator named Tiny Miracle and forced to perform karaoke songs for his amusement.

  • A Fortress of Gawdiness

    Two nice old ladies have been given Rambo's job and now they are the Blood Lady Commandos. In this chapter the BLCs are on a hunt to rescue some MIAs.