Borderlands 2

  • Gamer Bros Have a 'Gamer Girlfriend' Problem

    Men often control which games and roles their girlfriends are "allowed" to play, new research shows.

  • Big Guns in the Badlands - Part 2

    Will raises the stakes and tests his aim on some exploding targets. After a slew of massive explosions (including a test run of a homemade cannon), he finally graduates to the mother of all machine guns—the .50 caliber M2 Browning.

  • Big Guns in the Badlands - Part 1

    We stumble upon a gun range out in the Black Hills of Sturgis, South Dakota, that houses one of the most elaborate private collections of automatic weapons in the world. From Israeli Uzis to .50 caliber machine guns, they have it all, and Will tries...

  • Big Guns in the Badlands - Teaser

    We traveled to Sturgis, South Dakota, to shoot some of the most exotic and rare automatic weapons known to man.