• I Tried to Get My Buzz On at London's Betel Stands

    Betel nuts are chewed all over Southeast Asia for their mild stimulant properties, but in India it resembles a snack more than a mere drug. I went to Southall to sample some of the paan, as it's called, and attempt to get a buzz.

  • Sure, a Chin Strap That Harvests Energy from Chewing

    "Jaw movement is the most promising muscle activity from which energy could be harvested in the region of the head."

  • Nothing In Nature Outchomps the Mighty Rat

    First, why we care. The short answer is that they won. Rats, in terms of evolution, are kings. This is probably obvious if you live in, say, New York or Baltimore, where one can easily see the situation for what it really is of humans existing to...