clyde's corner

  • Clyde's Corner: Skateboarding Rules

    I was kinda stumped on what to write this week. Truth be told, I had my head in these books pretty tough the last few weeks and wanted nothing to do with words, whatsoever. I did finish this semester with an A and a B for all you smarty-art ass cats...

  • Clyde's Corner: The Ten Worst Tricks in Skateboarding Part Two

    Since I know exactly what makes you lil’ crybabies cry I’ve decided to bring back one of my most famous articles to date. If you do any of these tricks you’re not as cool as me. If anything said in this article offends you, it’s pretty safe to assume...

  • Clyde's Corner - Why I'm Cooler Than You

    VICE welcomes back Clyde's Corner. In his return, Clyde explains why he's cooler than you, why Street League is annoying, and why he doesn't have a girlfriend.