coffee plantation

  • Bali’s Best Coffee Is Made with Wild Cat Poo

    The Indonesian palm civet eats only the ripest coffee berries and excretes the “stone.” Coffee produced with these partially digested berries tastes less bitter, due to the enzymes in the animal’s stomach.

  • South America's Coffee Mecca Is Bouncing Back

    “Colombia is more than just war and drugs,” a young man tells me when I visit his grandfather's coffee plantation. Realizing this, tourists have been visiting by the droves, and that's great news for Colombia's coffee growers.

  • Inside the Colombian Coffee Plantation That's Run Entirely on Water

    La Victoria was founded in 1892 and still uses water to power a Rube Goldberg-like collection of pipes to bring coffee berries in from the fields, sort them, and move them between the different stages of production.